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Server type: Blizzlike

XP Rate: x3

Drop Rate: x10

Start Level: 1

Max Level: 60

Server Information

Game version: 9.1.0 (40120)

Realmlist: set realmlist Logon.GamersCentral.de

Server Uptime: 99.9% - 24/7

Fixed Spells: 95%

Fixed Dungeons: 99%

Fixed Instances: 99%

How to connect

1. First of all, you must create an account. The account is used to log into both the game and our website. Click here to open the registration page

2. Install World of Warcraft. You can download it (legally) from here: Windows or Mac. Make sure to upgrade to our current supported patch, which is 9.1.0 (40120). Download the Custom WoW Launcher from Actium

3. Open up the "World of Warcraft" directory. The default directory is "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft". When you've found it, open up the directory called "data", then go into the directory called either enUS or enGB, depending on your client language. Open file realmlist.wtf.

4. Erase all text and change it to:

set realmlist Logon.GamersCentral.de

Server Rules


  • Rule 1. One Account per User
  • Rule 2. Do not Cheat
  • Rule 3. Do not Break the Server
  • Rule 4. Do not Bug using instead report Bugs immediately
  • Rule 5.

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Server Status

Shadow Lands Warriors

Online Players:

Shadow Lands Warriors (Limited to show 49 player - Online players: 0)

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